I completely trust Wendy and respect her knowledge and expertise. I have been a regular for 7 years and over those years Wendy has carefully rehabilitated me through many sporting injuries whilst also improving my posture, balance, breathing and flexibility. I am a workaholic and exercise nut and it was a good investment in my mental and physical health by adding Pilates into my life. I find it helps shut off and relax my busy mind. I love the Pilates reformer! It’s invigorating and not only strengthens my core but it’s also a great way to just stretch out after being hunched over a computer desk. The XS Energy classes are small and the instructors are excellent – Wendy & Amanda are knowledgeable, friendly and suggest helpful modifications for those of us who need them. They create fun classes with a strong focus on proper technique to maximise benefit and enjoy injury. I highly recommend XS Energy to anyone who is looking to take their health and wellness to the next lever, no matter what your age!