We offer the most comprehensive range of classical and fitness Pilates programs. Our Matwork and Reformer classes cater for all fitness levels and abilities. There is something for everyone.


If you are new to Classes you will need to do a Class Assessment prior to commencing classes. This takes 30 mins and includes: basic core assessment, breathing & core activation, class suggestions suitable for your ability and a tour of our studio

We offer the following classes:

  • Sculpt & Tone Reformer: A well rounded Reformer Pilates workout focused on strengthening the core and all major muscle groups. Designed to define, shape and tone your body. Suitable for all levels including beginners.
  • Cardio Jump Reformer: This class is a great way to increase your heart rate on the reformer. With a mix of jumping using the jump board and pilates strength training moves you will feel your whole body get a workout in this class.
  • Magic Circle Reformer: This perfectly paced and fun Reformer class using the Magic Circle is sure to wake up your muscles! Old favourites feel brand new with the addition of the circle which represents your powerhouse so that whenever you squeeze it, you feel your centre. If your muscles aren’t sore tomorrow, you’re not squeezing the circle enough.
  • AAA Circuit (Arms, Abs & Ass!!): This class is a circuit style combo of stability & strength moves for the Arms, Abs & Ass on the fitball and Reformers. You will have a group of 6 to interact with and workout together, sound like fun??