During a Personal Training session with Wendy you will learn:

  • Good posture & alignment
  • Pilates style breathing
  • What is your core
  • How to activate your core
  • How to move safely and efficiently to get the best results

Each session is specifically designed for the individual whilst taking into account injuries, medical conditions and imbalances.

Pilates & Personal Training Sessions

Things you should remember!

1. Being healthy and staying fit requires a lot of effort for ever!

2. Natural, unprocessed, fresh food is good for you - eat it everyday

3. If you're overweight - it didn't happen overnight so losing it will not be a short term thing

4. You do have the time to exercise - don't try to give me your excuse, I always have a solution. We may need to change our priorities

5. Drink plenty of water.

6. It is not a diet, it is not a 12 week exercise program, it is a lifestyle change - if you're not committed to doing it for the rest of your life don't expect the results to stay with you for the rest of your life.

7. I am here to support you on your weightloss/fitness journey.

8. You shouldn't need music, air conditioning, nike shoes, a sunny day etc to get a good workout. Listen to your body, enjoy the pain, deal with the conditions, gain strength and move forward.

9. Be good to yourself, Love yourself, you're worth it!!

10. Believe in yourself - when all is said and done it's all you've got.

Happy Training and be all that you can be!