wendy-sign Pilates is my passion and I love using it to help clients achieve their goals. I use tools such as: foam rollers, magic circles, chi balls, fitballs,
Resistance bands and Reformer all in the comfort of my home based Pilates Studio.
Pilates is all about using the breathe to activate the core and perform movement. It is gentle on the joints and keeps you safe when working out.
When the core is weak imbalances and other problems begin to occur. I will teach you to breathe effectively and to activate your core which you will learn what it actually consists of.
Pilates is great for any fitness level. Whether you have an injury, pregnant, just had a baby, athlete, young, middle age or senior Pilates can help everyone!
I offer clients an affordable and completely personal package and program. We train to your ability and fitness level and you WILL see results!
Above all its about feeling strong and learning to enjoy Pilates.

"You will feel better in 10 sessions,
Look better in 20 sessions,
And have a completely new body in 30 sessions"
Joseph H. Pilates